Selfcare is the tool to be able to operate more effectively and efficiently

The way you think and the things that you're filling your mind with greatly influence your psychological well-being.

Mental self-care includes doing things that keep your mind sharp, like puzzles, or learning about a subject that fascinates you. You might find reading books or watching movies that inspire you fuels your mind.

Mental self-care also involves doing things that help you stay mentally healthy. Practicing self-compassion and acceptance, for example, helps you maintain a healthier inner dialogue. The right breathing technique is essential to calm body and mind and keep your body healthy.

When you discover that you're neglecting a certain aspect of your life, create a plan for change.

You don't have to tackle everything all at once. Identify one small step you can take to begin caring for yourself better.

Then, schedule time to focus on your needs.
When you're caring for focussing on all aspects of yourself, you'll find that you are able to operate more effectively and efficiently.

When mind, body, breath and spirit are in harmony, happiness and health is a natural state.

Start with the first step, start increasing your focus.

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