Are you living the happy life you want to be living?

Or is it far from what you had hoped it would be?

Most people have goals in life, but most never fulfill those goals because they lack the tools and training needed to manifest things in life.

It takes tremendous courage and humility to be able to say that I am not where I hoped I would be at this age. And to further say, "I want to create a change in my life and starting living the happy life I had always dreamed of."

Empower yourself with teachings and tools on how to leverage your most powerful asset, your mind, to create the life you want.


When your heart suddenly feels as though it's not beating normally, it can cause significant fear and discomfort. But anxiety itself can cause your heart to skip beats or feel like it’s beating too hard or too irregularly. Your body screams.

At this point, the week can go f*ck itself.

You recognize the gravity of the exhaustion; that you had crossed over to the bad place and where you now suffer total burnout. This iregular heartbeats drive you crazy. You search for self-compassion in the revelation, as you would offer a friend or loved one. Instead, you can’t get beyond inadequacy and guilt that you had somehow failed. It didn’t matter that you were stretched beyond all possible and practical capabilities. We were the generation told we could have it all; that the measure of our success would be founded upon our ability to showcase a family, a career, our materialistic gains, our parenting achievements, our perfect bodies; indeed, our perfect lives. Multitasking is your strongest task.

Yet, we were never told the cost; that it would be our physical health, our mental health, our relationships.

Anyone who has experienced burnout or depression understands it doesn’t just go away with a weekend camping or an afternoon on the couch or meditating or reading a self-help book or drinking f*cking celery juice every morning for a week.

It’s the scream of the body, this emptiness, this numbness, a feeling that everything is too hard, or too much effort. It’s a lack of motivation to work and being unable to concentrate or focus or able to follow through with commitments. It’s withdrawing emotionally from friendships and relationships as we find ourselves lacking the energy to invest; more so, the energy to even care.

You never put your focus on your body. It had to screem untill it reached your attention. You always thought health is destiny. Sickness just happens to you. 

Untill you decide to change your life and your health changes automatically. Asking questions can lead you to your wellbeing and fantastic  happy life.

By changing your perception and mindset can change how your body reacts. Take your body in to help you reaching your goals. 

Take your life in your hands and let your body help you. Explore the New and create it. 
Start NOW!

Fantastic Life
A free course on increasing your focus

This course is a check-up to help you to increase your focus and see where you are thriving and what areas need more attention. After completing the course, you will have a foundation on which to design or refine your personal growth plan.

What is included in this course:

- one assessment Video that inspires you to find your own answers and shows you the first step to increase your focus

- 7 questions to reflect on some areas of your life. 

- you will leave inspired and with a tool to focus better and a chart of your life to help you monitor your progress.

Fantastic Life
Tools to start into a new life

Take a look in the mirror to understand your deep rooted life values so that you can continue to stay aligned with how you develop your health and fantastic life.

You grasp how to build a healthier, more resilent consciousness so that you  can understand your bodies signs as early as possible.

Stay focused on using your time for things that truely matter. Start your day everyday for 12 days with a few minutes of high valuable tools and transform your energy to courage, perception and creativity.

What is included in this course:

- 12 Mind power days with videos, practices and reviews

- Soulfood Relaxations

- Soulfood Breathings

- Shadow Management

- Passion finder

- The power of questions

Upgrade yourself, improve your focus more, transform your inner limitations, use your full potential....

Fantastic Life
The messenger, the body, your vehicle to happiness

In this highly beneficial 21 day course, Gaby will guide you through uncovering the source of your body`s talk so that you can apply the correct techniques to ease the aches and to avoid screams of your body. Avoid sickness by reacting on the very first signs and mentain perfect health by focussing.

Each lesson will include multiple types of exercises that will enhance your sensitivity to hear the lisest whisper of your body and react immediately. By the end of this course you will have all you need to start recovering. Your body is your advisor to health, happiness and success.

What is included in this course:
- 21 days to connect to your body and become sensitiv to its whispers
- Exercise videos for increasing body awareness and activate the function of your organs

- Useful tools for a mindful daily routine

- Practical tips for how to react in difficult situations. 

- Create your room of unity and joy with your body

- Learn the mental tools to mentain perfect health

After this course you will be able to: Prevent sickness and heal your body. You are ready in your healthy body to rise to higher realms and unfold your full potential. What magic and miraculousness could you create with your body?

Here’s what people are saying about the courses

Valerio // Italy


Overcoming Depression and worthlessness Feelings

This course helped me to overcome a very difficult moment in my life and i highly recommend it to everybody who wants to enhance his/her psychophysical well-being and keeping the focus on what really matters in life.

I healed my anxiety and learned to identify the smallest signs of my body. I gained so much time to get out and enjoy instead of being depressiv. 

Shahista // Egypt


Learned Healthy Eating, Relationship, Success

I am so grateful that I came to know this course with Gaby. She showed me to see things differently in my life, I learned to cook healthy food and to look more after my body.  I harmonized my energies and dove deep into the hidden world of energies and spirituality. I am so exited that my hair grew back. I honor my body as my best friend. This course safed me so much money i would have spent on hospitals and medication.

Sarah // Dubai


Buildt Daily Practice, Spirituality, resolved my Trauma

I didnt have a routine in my practice. I discovered that being conscious about my own well-being and daily routine helps a lot with how i perform in business. I love the mind power tools and practice them every day.  I feel and live my greatness and i released more of my past traumas. I feel so much more alive.

Gaby Zweng, Life Coach

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About Gaby Zweng

Gaby helps people move from the head into the body. More inner serenity, less headache. But a fit body and more joy of life.
The many visits to India and the one year she spent there gave her insights in traditional concentration practice and teachings. She took further education in Health and Nutrition Coaching and Business Coaching.
Gaby`s passion is to be the best contribution to others, unleash everbodies greatness and show them the way to their fantastic life. Her success is to see other people rise and shine.

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No matter where you are now. What if you watered the seeds of possibilities? What if you where aware daily of what you tell yourself regarding awareness? What could grow from your knowing?

Ask yourself a few questions. Questions open new room for possibilities.  I have seen that when people come out of the judgment of themselves, they become this light of possibilities to the world.

Start asking questions. Start with your free fantastic life assessment