Fear is not a good advisor

And what if fear does appear?

What are your options then?

- You can simply throw your plans to the wind.
- You can implement your plans even though you are afraid, only to discover that what you were afraid of may not happen at all.
- You can dissolve the fear beforehand to find that life is beautiful when you focus on what you want.
Because maybe what you're most afraid of is what you do best.

Albert Einstein

"The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change."

What would you do if you weren't afraid? What do you feel inside you, what would you do?

Daring to do crazy things, kissing a colleague, quitting, telling someone off - what wouldn't we do if we weren't afraid of the consequences.

How much easier would it be, for example, if you could confess your love to a colleague without the risk of never being able to show your face in the office again in the worst case? But unfortunately, we're not in a computer game where everything is possible.

We are out there on the front lines of our lives, with no back button and no back-up. Still - take 10 minutes and all your courage to face this one, all-changing question:

"What would I do right now if I weren't afraid?"

Questions are enormously powerful. They invite your mind to turn off the paths with deep ruts and create flashing new connections in your brain.

You may not get an answer for a few hours, days. Or you may know it immediately. Basically you always knew.

If you have found an answer to the question, then guard it like a treasure. Because it teaches you something about your deepest longings and fears. And yes, everything you are imagining can happen. It can hurt, it can be embarrassing, and it can be life threatening. Or all of the above. That's the price. Life is not a computer game.

But what if it is? Let's say life is a game and you refuse to play fully for fear of the consequences. I've decided for myself that I don't want to take that risk: the risk of falling asleep in my warmed-up comfort zone and never finding out what might have been in it for me. I'd rather have a bloody nose than spend my life on the waiting bench with the other "number-crunchers" and "good-through-comers".

How do you decide? Decide where you direct your focus to?

Remember, NOTHING IS CERTAIN EXCEPT DEATH and inbetween you have the chance to fullfill your dreams. Start by increasing your focus NOW

What is it like for you?
Is there anything you would like to do and are afraid of?
Or something you used to be afraid of and can only laugh about today?
I'm happy if you write me about it here.

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