I don't have a fixed reality. What does that mean?
Every minute is new. Every day is new. Nothing is fixed and bound. I allow myself to choose every minute anew.
To reinvent and explore myself on all levels of my being.
I know for many people at the moment not imaginable to live without fixed opinion, constructs and security measures and fixed plan.
Exactly that is the tricky point of Life,
To BE unimpeachable in all that you are.
That is the Way to infinite Freedom.
Your life is not your story, your past or what you think you are because many people have told you what you are. Especially when you were a child.
What you are in truth is an infinite being. With a manifested body that has abilities that you may not even begin to imagine. And these abilities want to be trained and lived. You will not find anything useful in the outside for this step. Peace and bliss reside within you. Recognize and start today to do things that you enjoy, that nourish you.
Take time for yourself. Especially in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed.
Fill up on nature
Be present.
Talk to your body, it will guide you.
It is what it is. Nothing to do. Any emotions and feelings are allowed.
Its a journey for all of us. A never ending journey
The question is, what quality do you want on this journey?
You decide. Only you.
You are the creating source of your life.  

Start with your focus, guide it inside. Thats the first step.

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