Have you woken up from your work-eat-sleep slumber and realized that every day looks the same? Have you looked back for the past five years and realized that nothing about it has changed? Have your realized that time is passing and you dont really enjoy your life? Have you become aware?

We have awareness of beliefs; we have awareness of two hours ago, of our dreams, and how much awareness depends on how much we’re blocking, and how much we’re standing in the way. We don’t have to try to be aware, it’s already there and happening, even in the womb it was there.

When was the last time you did something that brings you joy? How often do you “move through the motions” of your commute, only waking up once you arrive at work? And, how can you do something about it?

Here are a few simple actions you can take today to jump off the hamster wheel and into a life of passion, mindfulness, and joy:

We’ve been conditioned to be obsessed with productivity. We’re continually looking for ways to streamline processes but how often do we take a step back, slow down, and do something just for fun? How often do we focus on our own wellbeing instead of focussing to satisfy the outside world?

Aristotle Onassis

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

I’ve been interested in this concept of “collecting” moments of joy. Whether it’s catching up with old friends or spending time coloring, when I genuinely engage in joyful activities, I can be mindful and present, and lower this pressure of having to perform constantly to be enough and get enough.

Practicing mindfulness in the small, fun moments carries over in other parts of life. It’s the ultimate conscious-decision-making tool. Those who can stay mindful and present, especially in stressful times, are more productive and better thinkers.

But it’s challenging to stay present in our multitasking society. One way to practice it is by putting your phone in airplane mode. Fewer distractions mean more mindful decision-making, connections, and reflection and focus on your inside.

At the end of the day, when you find yourself running on life’s hamster wheel, ask yourself four questions:

• Am I able to shift or change my thoughts?

• Am I able to shift or change my situation?

• Am I able to shift or change my perspective?

• Am I able to focus on what I really want?

And hopefully, by making those changes, you can inspire others to do the same.

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