Everyone is different, wanting different things to make them happy.  It's not often, we stop and consider, do I want to do this, or what would, make me happy? Because sometimes the reality is quite different to the idea in your head.  

I guess the answer to what does a fantastic life look like, is that, it's not what it 'looks like' that matters, it's how it 'feels' that does.  Or how, it makes YOU feel. 

I suppose, the questions we need to ask ourselves are:

What would my fantastic life 'feel' like?

Who, would I want around me, for my life to be fantastic?

What would I spend my time doing, to create a fantastic life, what lights me up?

Life is precious, I do know you need to enjoy it, spend time with those you love, or who are your people, and to be encouraged by those around you, to be the best possible version of yourself.

These are BIG questions, and can only be reached step by step.  I do recommend having a mentor, who can offer you growth and support for whatever way you choose to consider, and as an ongoing support, it truly is invaluable.

Some of these questions are elaborated upon in my online courses, an add on to my workbook, along with meditations to bring clarity to 'what you want' and 'where you are in life' .  Asking these questions, or pondering them, will help you to at least, begin to answer this question, for yourself.  A fantastic life is worth it! It first starts with your mind. If you train your focus then you have already done a huge step towards your fantastic life.  

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