Are you living the fantastic life you want to be living?

Or is it far away from what you had hoped it would be?

Hi, my name is Gabriela

I empower individuals to harness the potential of their minds, enabling them to excel in their endeavors and become the most authentic versions of themselves. This journey leads to a life filled with purpose and boundless joy, all within the embrace of a perfectly healthy body. My extensive travels, spanning destinations like India, Egypt, and various corners of our planet, have granted me profound insights into life's ultimate priorities: the pursuit of self-fulfillment and authenticity. My unwavering passion revolves around making the most significant contribution to others, unlocking the latent greatness within each individual, and guiding them towards the path to their extraordinary lives. My ultimate measure of success is witnessing others rise to their fullest potential and radiate their brilliance, illuminating the world with their unique gifts.

The magic Transformation toward perfect Health and Happiness

Courage and humility are key to acknowledging that life may not have unfolded as expected at this stage. It takes strength to declare, "I'm ready for change and to live the life I've always envisioned, shedding the roles I've played." Empower yourself with teachings and tools to harness your most potent asset—your mind. Use it to shape the life you desire and lead with conscious intention.

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A free course on "where your awareness goes"

Embark on a transformative online course, where you'll follow a step-by-step, goal-driven approach to harnessing the immense power of your mind. This journey leads to becoming your very best, both professionally and personally.

Discover straightforward yet profound insights into the inner mechanisms of your mind. Take that crucial initial step, conducting a self-assessment to establish a solid foundation for crafting or enhancing your personal growth plan. You'll learn the art of focus and the cultivation of willpower, equipping yourself with these invaluable tools to lead a life centered on purpose.

Through this course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to confront and conquer worry, fear, anxiety, and stress. Empower yourself with these teachings, setting the stage for a life defined by resilience and purpose.

Begin your journey of self-discovery today!




Gain more control over your Fantastic Life.

The "Master Your Mind" course offers a simple, practical, and systematic approach to unlocking your full potential by guiding your brain into an Alpha state.

This course helps you gain a profound understanding of your core life values, enabling you to maintain alignment with your pursuit of a healthy and extraordinary life. It equips you with the ability to channel your energy effectively, manifest your desires, and foster meaningful relationships.

If you aspire to lead an amazing life, it's crucial to take control. Empower yourself with the tools to master your mind and focus, and embark on a conscious journey towards a fantastic life. Be authentically yourself!




The Messenger, the Body, your Vehicle.

Introducing my newest course, "The Body-Whisper Course," designed to offer you a comprehensive grasp of your body's purpose, functions, and how to interpret its subtle signals. This course provides a practical and methodical framework to heighten your sensitivity, enabling you to discern even the faintest whispers of your body and respond promptly.

The outcome? You'll cultivate a deeper sense of respect and gratitude for your body, recognizing it as your most invaluable tool. With this newfound understanding, you'll be empowered to manifest the life you desire within a vibrant and energetic vessel. Your body becomes the cornerstone of your journey toward health and vitality.

Here’s what people are saying about the courses

Valerio // Italy


Overcoming Depression and worthlessness Feelings

The Master your Mind course helped me to overcome a very difficult moment in my life and i highly recommend it to everybody who wants to enhance his/her psychophysical well-being and keeping the focus on what really matters in life.

I healed my anxiety and learned to identify the smallest signs of my body. I gained so much time to get out and enjoy instead of being depressiv. 

Shahista // Egypt


Learned Healthy Eating, Relationship, Success

I am so grateful that I came to know the Body Whisperer Course with Gaby. She showed me to see things differently in my life, I learned to cook healthy food and to look more after my body.  I harmonized my energies and dove deep into the hidden world of energies and spirituality. I am so exited that my hair grew back. I honor my body as my best friend. This course safed me so much money i would have spent on hospitals and medication.

Sarah // Dubai


Buildt Daily Practice, Spirituality, resolved my Trauma

I didnt have a routine in my practice. I discovered that being conscious about my own well-being and daily routine helps a lot with how i perform in business. I love the mind power tools and practice them every day.  I feel and live my greatness and i released more of my past traumas. I feel so much more alive.

No matter where you are now. What if you watered the seeds of possibilities? What if you where aware daily of what you tell yourself regarding awareness? What could grow from your knowing?

Ask yourself a few questions. Questions open new room for possibilities.  I have seen that when people come out of the judgment of themselves, they become this light of possibilities to the world.

Start asking questions. What does it take to be You? Start with your free fantastic life assessment