Are you living the fantastic life you want to be living?

Or is it far away from what you had hoped it would be?

Hi, my name is Gabriela

I help people understand and leverage their mind so that they can be the best at what they do and be the best version of themselves in order to live a life of purpose and joy in their perfectly healthy body.
The many visits to India, Egypt and many countries on this planet gave me insights in what counts at the end of life, to be fully me!
My passion is to be the best contribution to others, unleash every bodies greatness, and show them the way to their fantastic life. My success is to see other people rise and shine.

The magic Transformation toward perfect Health and Happiness

It takes tremendous courage and humility to be able to say that I am not where I hoped I would be at this age. And to further say, “I want to change my life and start living the life I had always dreamed of. I want to stop playing a role.” Empower yourself with teachings and tools on how to leverage your most powerful asset, your mind, to create the life you want and lead your life consciously.

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free course on where your awareness goes.

A practical life-changing online course outlining a step-by-step and goal-orientated approach to imposing on the power of the mind to be the best at what you do and the best version of yourself. 

Sharing simple but profound insights on the inner workings of the mind. A simple first step, a check-up to get a foundation on which to design or refine your personal growth plan, learn how to focus, and develop willpower. Empower yourself with these learnings to live a purpose-focused life and to handle and overcome worry, fear, anxiety, and stress.

Begin your journey of self-discovery today!




Gain more control over your Fantastic Life.

The Master your Mind course is a simple, practical and systematic highly effectiv course that shares with you tools, techniques and teachings to unlock your greatest potential and brings your brain to an Alpha state.

It helps you understand your deep rooted life values so that you can continue to stay aligned with how you develop your health and fantastic life. It teaches you to concentrate your energy towards manifesting what you want in life and directing it to those that truly matter to you to create fulfilling relationships.

If you want your life  to be amazing, then you need to take charge of your life; learn and empower yourself with tools to master your mind and focus, and start living that fantastic life consciously. Be You!




The Messanger, the Body, your Vehicle.

My latest course, The Body-Whisper Course, provides you with a solid understanding of your Body's purpose, how it works, and how to understand its signs. Then it takes a practical and systematic approach in helping you to enhance your sensitivity to hear the lisest whisper of your body and react immediately.

The result? You’ll develop a greater sense of value and appreciation for your body. You’ll have the greatest tool in your hands so that you can manifest the life you want in a healthy and energetic body.

Here’s what people are saying about the courses

Valerio // Italy


Overcoming Depression and worthlessness Feelings

This course helped me to overcome a very difficult moment in my life and i highly recommend it to everybody who wants to enhance his/her psychophysical well-being and keeping the focus on what really matters in life.

I healed my anxiety and learned to identify the smallest signs of my body. I gained so much time to get out and enjoy instead of being depressiv. 

Shahista // Egypt


Learned Healthy Eating, Relationship, Success

I am so grateful that I came to know this course with Gaby. She showed me to see things differently in my life, I learned to cook healthy food and to look more after my body.  I harmonized my energies and dove deep into the hidden world of energies and spirituality. I am so exited that my hair grew back. I honor my body as my best friend. This course safed me so much money i would have spent on hospitals and medication.

Sarah // Dubai


Buildt Daily Practice, Spirituality, resolved my Trauma

I didnt have a routine in my practice. I discovered that being conscious about my own well-being and daily routine helps a lot with how i perform in business. I love the mind power tools and practice them every day.  I feel and live my greatness and i released more of my past traumas. I feel so much more alive.

No matter where you are now. What if you watered the seeds of possibilities? What if you where aware daily of what you tell yourself regarding awareness? What could grow from your knowing?

Ask yourself a few questions. Questions open new room for possibilities.  I have seen that when people come out of the judgment of themselves, they become this light of possibilities to the world.

Start asking questions. What does it take to be You? Start with your free fantastic life assessment